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Chris Curtis, Founder and CEO, Ext. 201
Scott McKinnon, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ext. 221
Kevin Faciane, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Ext. 214
Brady Haass, Vice President, Client Services, Ext. 203
Justin Eaton, Vice President, Production Services, Ext. 204
Jeff Williams, Vice President of Operations, Ext. 202
Kristy Johnston, Vice President of Finance, Ext. 205
Jay deBlonk, Sales Solutions Manager, Ext. 212
Brett Amman, Director of Golf Operations, Ext. 207
Robert Rhodes, Account Executive, Ext. 208
Brad Merriman, Account Executive, Ext. 206
Christian Perez, Account Executive, Ext. 210
Kim Hinnrichs, Office Manager, Ext. 222

GoVision Texas (HDQ) Office
8291 Gateway Drive, Suite #100
Argyle, TX 76226
Office Phone: 940.464.2320
Fax: 940.464.2530
Email Address:

GoVision West Coast Office
2417 E. Rancho Del Amo Place
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
(866) JUMBO-TV
(866) 586-2688